Greenbryre Precautionary Safety Measures!


Welcome to the new
Greenbryre Golf & Country Club.

Faster Rounds for Faster Lifestyles.

Greenbryre has evolved
to meet the new golf paradigm.

We've redesigned our course so that you can golf in more manageable blocks of time. When you only have a couple of hours to spare, you can grab a quick round on the North or South Six, or play them both for a well-balanced, more leisurely round. Traditionalists need not fear: they can still play a full 18 holes.

Rediscover Golf at the New Greenbryre.

“We should consider the possibility of making 12 holes the standard round...
Eventually it would be accepted
because it makes sense in people's lives.”

Jack Nicklaus
Golf Digest 2007

Greenbryre Golf & Country Club
Saskatoon, Saskatchewan